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New Ebscohost Databases

New Ebscohost Interface

EBSCOhost Research Database Tutorials and GuideS

EBSCOhost - is a powerful online reference system accessible via the Internet. It offers a variety of proprietary full text databases and popular databases from leading information providers. The comprehensive databases range from general reference collections to specially designed, subject-specific databases for public, academic, medical, corporate and school libraries.

These tutorials demonstrate how to use the useful features of the EBSCOhost interface including searching, browsing and creating a own account.

How to create a my EBSCOhost account? |link|

How to use the my EBSCOhost folder?    |link|

Introduction to EBSCOhost                      |download file.ptt|watch video|

Advanced Searching                                |download file.ptt|watch video|

Basic Searching                                       |download file.ptt|watch video|

Business Source: Basic Searching           |download file.ptt|watch video|

Business Source: Advanced Searching    |download file.ptt|watch video|

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