Circulation Services

This service allows clients to borrow, renew and return library resources even under new normal set-up. They may also seek the assistance of the staff in locating or retrieving an item in the stacks. All library materials may be checked-out for library, classroom or home use.

Grab-and-Go Service (GGoS)

An express circulation service where requested library materials of the clients are prepared for pick up on their appointment day and time. Request is arrange thru InquiRIA or AUFLibRIA of the Library Website ( The e-Circulation Services Form is sent to the client upon confirming the final list of titles for check-out.

Online Renewal Service (OnRS)

Allows clients to request for an extension of the borrowing period of checked-out items thru InquiRIA or AUFLibRIA. The e-Circulation Services Form and ILS official receipt are sent to the clients when check-out policy is met (i.e. no unsettled accountabilities and/or other reservations made prior to request).
Note: The e-Circulation Services Form shall serve as an e-book card or proof of check-out transaction.

Drop-and-Go Service (DGoS)

A contactless returning of borrowed items thru DGoS boxes located at the AUF front gate. The ILS official receipt is sent to the email addresses provided by the clients.

Express Self-Check-In Service (XSCiS)

A fast and easy way of returning borrowed materials personally to the library. This express service cuts waiting time on checking-in of returned items since the e-Circulation Service Form serves as initial proof of transaction. The ILS official receipt is sent to the clients as reference for confirmed check-in transaction.

Other Services


Allows clients to send request for library clearance via InquiRIA or to the email of the library director (if request is arranged by the college).

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