Frequently Asked Questions

Regular Services

  • Find Information Resources?

    • Use the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) to locate different formats of library materials, i.e., book, audio/video recording, CD-ROM, kit, thesis, article, etc.

    • Key-in your search term, and copy the call number, author & title and location of selected item.

    • Look for the item in the appropriate stack area. if you fail to locate it, you may seek the assistance of the library staff.

  • • Give your valid AUF ID card to the library staff.

    • Present selected item(s) and filled-out books card(s) with your printed name, signature, college & ID number.

    • Wait for few minutes while the library staff checks-out the item(s)

    • Check your receipt if recorded transaction corresponds to actual borrowed item(s).

    • Take note of DATE DUE when the item(s) should be returned to the Library to avoid overdue fines.

    • Wait for few minutes while the library staff checks-out the item(s)

  • • Bring all borrowed items on or before the due date to the concerned section/branch library.

    • Keep your checked-IN receipt for future reference.

  • • You may personally request or email your reservation of checked-out item(s) to the section / branch librarian.

  • • Checked-out item(s) may be requested for an extension of loan period provided that there are no reservations or recalls made by other clients.

  • • Fines / computer services' fee are accepted during office hours in selected sections / branch libraries mentioned below. An official AUF Library Temporary Receipt shall be issued to you upon payment.

    • Director's Office

    • Lourdes Hall Building ( 1st & 4th Floors)

    • Professional Schools Bldg. (PS / CBA Libraries)

    • Integrated School Library

  • 1. Item(s) returned late are subject to overdue fines inclusive of Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

    2. Lost/damaged library materials must be reported immediately to the concerned section / branch librarian to avoid incur of fines. The reported items may be settled either any of the following options and payment of processing fee & fines (if there are any):

    • payment of current price

    • replacement with the same copy or most recent edition / copyright date

    3. Library users are enjoined to observe General Policies on Readers' Services displayed in all sections/branch libraries, e.g. proper behavior, among others. Non-conformance with the library policies shall be meted with corresponding sanction(s).

    For Non-AUF clients:

    Admission / Borrowing Requirements

    1. Valid identification card (ID); and

    2. A Permit from the AUF Library Director, which may be secured upon presentation of the document specified below, and payment of Research Fee.

    Library Permit Requirements

    AUF Alumni

    • Personal Letter of Introduction (LOI) duly endorsed by the Dean of concerned College and the Director of Alumni Affairs and Placement Services (AAPS)

    Outside Researchers

    • Referral Letter from the Librarian, or the immediate Head of visiting client(s) of private or government agencies / institutions.


    1. Only five (5) clients per agency or institution shall be allowed per day.

    2. Non-AUF clients shall be accommodated from Mondays-Fridays only, except on major examination weeks and other activities that may require exclusive use of the University Libraries in favor of the AUF community.

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