Reference and Information Services

The University Library aspires to create awareness among the users of its various resources and services through reference services. It aims to meet the information needs of its patrons through the library staff's assistance in answering substantive questions, instructing users in the selection and use of appropriate tools and techniques for finding information, conducting searches on behalf of the patrons, directing users to the location of the library resources, assisting in the evaluation of information and referring patrons to resources outside the library when appropriate.


An Asynchronous Virtual-Type of Reference service (AVRS) where clients may send questions or requests via InquiRIA of the AUF Library Website ( Replies are sent to the email addresses provided by the clients, like reference interview questions, document delivery (e.g. scanned copy, image or electronic version of select library materials) or offsite user accounts of library online databases subscription.


A synchronous virtual type of reference service (SVRS) where clients may do traditional consultation, request or transact “live” with the librarians during library hours in a recorded non-voice or video call mode. Links are provided at the library website or sent via InquiRIA.


An online referral service that attends to requests of AUF clients for access to information resources or avail services of requested libraries.

To avail this service, clients may opt to inquire via any of the following RIS, whichever is feasible for them:

1. Virtual Reference Services (InquiRIA or LibRIA)

2. Personal library visit, i.e., usual face-to-face reference interview process, but subject to new normal policy on library visit and current LGU or national government directives or guidelines if onsite operation is allowed.

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