AUF Library Profile

The University Library was established in 1962. It was housed in one of the rooms of the Angeles Institute of Technology Building. The first library was small, but it was a fully equipped room for research and study, and sufficient for the student population.

Relocation of the library from one place to another was inevitable between 1962 to 1987. From the fourth floor of the Administration Building, the University Library finally moved to its present location, Our Lady of Lourdes Hall, in November 1987. A vision made realized with the dedication and hardwork of Dr. Emmanuel Y. Angeles. The construction of four (4) story edifice was made possible by the generous support of the people of the United States of America through the Office of American Schools and Hospitals Abroad, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) under the sponsorship of the Angeles University Development Foundation, Houston, Texas, and by the donations from friends and alumni of Angeles University Foundation (AUF), Philippines. The building was inaugurated on December 4, 1987 in time to the celebration of Founder's Day, Dr. Barbara Y. Angeles.

Ms. Martina Mosuela held the distinction of being the first librarian of the University. From then on, a roster of equally competent and hardworking professionals managed the University Library, namely: Ms. Patricia Somera, Ms. Olga Seng, Mrs. Teresita Manarang, Mrs. Teresita Magbag, Mrs. Africa Castillo and Ms. Amor Martin.

Committed to its vision of becoming the leading information resource center in Central Luzon, the University Library started its automation project in April 2000. It almost reached its goal of fully computerizing its operations under the direct supervision of Mrs. Africa R. Castillo. The Unit was also prepared for compliance to the institutional ISO certification. During her term, two (2) unit/branch libraries were organized at the Professional Schools Building to extend library services to the faculty members and students of the College of Business and Accountancy, the School of Law and the Graduate School.

True to the commitment of Angeles University Foundation in providing Class-A education, the top management under the leadership of Dr. Joseph EL. Angeles, the University Library earned his full support in all its undertakings since 2009. Ms. Amor C. Martin has worked closely with the management and academic officials in the modernization of library facilities and enrichment of library collection with subscriptions to more online resources. Partnership and linkages with the government or private agencies are also explored to address information resources needs of the AUF community, which led to ink agreement as one of the identified partners or beneficiaries in the country:

-Thomas Jefferson Information Center - American Spaces
-SEAMEO Innotech - Interlibrary Loan Agreement
-IMF eLibrary
-Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Knowledge Resource Network
-STARBOOKS of Department of Science and Technology
-PAARL-Net(Philippine Association of Academic Research Librarian - Network)

The library ICT capability is further strengthened with better computing units and provision of wireless internet connection in all sections and branch libraries. Challenges also beset the Unit, but the determination to move forward never hindered the library management. In 2015, the migration of the library database to open source integrated library system (NewGen Library System) was considered with the kind assistance of the then computer services librarian, Mr. Cyrille Ureña and the MISS Director, Mr. Ramon Santiago. A new library website was also launched in the same year. Mr. James Ruga redesigned the website with the inclusion of a functional search tool or webOPAC (online public access catalog) and quick links to more online resources. With its new feature, the InquiRIA allows clients to send direct message/s to the librarians for reference and information assistance. This initiative paved the way in bringing the library closer to the clients even at the comfort of their homes.

Moving forward to the goals of the University President to become bigger, better, smarter and stronger AUF, the renovation of the second floor of Lourdes Hall Building into a collaborative learning space in 2013 marked the first establishment of Learning Commons in Central Luzon. The designed space was inspired by the form of Banaue Rice Terraces of the North according to Arch. Connie V. Roxas. Reading it from the design narrative of Villegas-Roxas Consultants will help anyone reading this appreciate the story behind the concept of their simple architectural work:

"For the AUF Library Learning Commons, the approach is to create a space where studying is more lively and therefore more enjoyable to the users of the space. To achieve this, the “library” feel was changed from a solitary studying habit, into a more interactive, collaborative and group-oriented activity – which is increasingly the trend to the younger generation nowadays. The traditional usage of tables and chairs study hall setup was changed to café-type setup of lounge seating which totally changes the feel of the space from a rather dull and robotic, to a lively and interactive ambience. Further adapting to the growing trend of “group studying”, the installation of the stepped seating area was designed to further deviate from the traditional practices and also generating a point of interest in the space. This also adds to a more interactive space because students using the space could freely interact with their peers and also could shift positions from time to time because sitting in a chair and studying all day takes a certain toll on a student’s body. The color scheme of the space was used with the intent of livening up the space using vibrant colors but also balancing them with neutral and earthy colors. This therefore generates a space which is not as dull and not boring to its users. These vibrant colors represent our countrymen’s love for having a good time. This is vividly demonstrated by Filipinos’ lasting tradition of celebrating Fiestas. Lastly, the space’s focal point – the stepped seating area, was inspired by the form of our very own Banaue Rice Terraces, a standing testament of the Filipinos’ ingenuity and hardworking disposition. Also the traits of a student that desires to make it through university life. All these concepts were important in the conceptualization of the project and results in a play of forms and colors that create not only a suitable place to study and interact with fellow students, but are also integrated with the core values and characteristics that make us uniquely Filipino."

Furthermore, Dr. Angeles ventured to another bigger construction project from 2017 to 2018, the AUF Santa Barbara Campus at the Marisol Village, Angeles City. The relocation of Integrated School to this new site opened the opportunity for the University Library to have two (2) large libraries. The High School Library Media Center has seven (7) classroom-size room while the Grade School Library Media Center measures to more than six (6) classroom-size. These were fully furnished with new furniture and equipment.

Having those milestones, it strongly supported the University Library in all applications of AUF for government recognition, certification or PAASCU accreditation. The library has remained a common choice of colleges as their best feature for PAASCU Level III application. Indeed, the library is the heart of any academic institution as it plays a vital role as an indispensable partner of every student or faculty throughout their academic life.

The new normal is bleak and full of uncertainties, but with God's grace, the library shall keep its commitment in reaching out with its stakeholders, may it be in a virtual setup, through its revitalized library services, the new responsive library website design by Mr. Bryan Lacanlale and its hardworking librarians and staff. The University Library shall remain steadfast of its mission as it fully supports the University’s mission, “total development of man for God and humanity”.

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