Circulation Section

A collection of foreign book materials covering a wide array of subject fields such as: philosophy, social sciences, language, history, literature, mathematics, science, technology, etc.

Reference and Multimedia Collection

Consists of standard reference sources that are referred to for general information, like dictionaries, encyclopedias, geographical sources, biography, handbooks, manuals, indexes, etc. Various formats of audio-visual materials enrich the collection, e.g. sound or video recordings, CD-ROMs, graphs and kits. Moreover, the donated publications from the American Spaces Philippines Project of Thomas Jefferson Information Center (TJIC) further complement the collection.


It houses books written by Filipino authors or by foreign authors about the Philippines, local periodicals, religious files, annual reports on Philippines issues. It also contains theses of former AUF students.


Current and back issues of print local and foreign journals, magazines and newspapers are also collected and indexed.


A collection of AUF publications, students and employees’ research whether published or unpublished outputs, including college bulletins, and other related works.

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