Learning Commons

A collaborative learning place for users of all types, where they can chat casually or academically. Its comfortable sofas, step seat, conference room, and balcony can create the tone for a more pleasant and delightful studying experience. WiFi is also available, and users can use the library's computer units for research. The space combines computer stations for online research and study, comfortable sofas, step seat, conference room, and balcony.

Health Sciences Library

This library serves primarly the needs of the students in the School of Medicine, College of Nursing, Alied Health Courses and faculty members. Its collections cover the field of medical arts and health sciences.

Professional Schools Library

Collects books, theses, dissertations and other scholary publications related to the curricular programs offered in the Graduate School and School of Law. Print journals, government publications, or online databases subscriptions specific to the professional schools are maintained.

High School Library Media Center

Collects print and non-print resources for the junior and senior high school students, like general references, supplementary reading materials, home reading books, periodicals, vertical files and audio-visual materials. Information resources that may support faculty and other related library materials for instruction are also acquired. The library has its own set of discussion rooms and large general reading area.

Grade School Library Media Center

Various rich collections of academic and recreational reading materials for young readers both in print or audio-visual formats are maintained. These are further enriched with realias, three-dimensional, manipulative materials, toys, etc.

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